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The magic weight loss tool you are not using!

Ready to conquer stubborn weight? Low carb eating is the game-changer you've been searching for. Through the power of low carb eating I have discovered a way of not only losing fat but having better mental clarity, energy and performance becoming the best version of myself, I have also helped others adapt this way of eating with exceptional results, now I want the same for you so If you're ready to overcome weight challenges and embrace a vibrant life, low carb eating is your key to success.


Understanding the Basics: Ignite the Flame

What does it mean to go "low carb"? It's a powerful dietary approach that strategically limits carbohydrates while prioritizing protein, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables. Ignite your body's fat-burning potential by adopting this transformative lifestyle.

Benefits Beyond Measure: Unleash the Warrior Within

Enhanced Weight Loss: Low carb eating fuels your body's fat-burning furnace, helping you shed excess weight and achieve a leaner physique.

Improved Blood Sugar Control: Gain control over blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance with low carb eating, freeing yourself from the challenges of diabetes.

Boundless Energy Levels: Experience sustained energy throughout the day, leaving behind the crashes and seeking quick fixes.

Curbed Cravings: Regulate hunger hormones and conquer cravings, empowering you to stay on track and reach your goals.

Mental clarity and focus: using a superior fuel source from fat stores to power your brain relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

Weight loss where to start

Want to give it a go? Well like anything take small steps toward it using the steps below and of course speak to your GP or dietitian if you are overly concerned.

-Begin to lower your intake of foods like bread, pasta, biscuits and most calorie dense fast foods and limit starchy vegetables (potato, pumpkin) I recommend not cutting out carbs all together right away as this will cause withdrawal like symptoms. -Be aware of crucial minerals (sodium, potassium and magnesium) ideally get these from foods if need be use some form of supplement to keep on top of these. -Increase water intake your body will not be holding onto it as much due to the decrease in carbs aim for at least 3ltr a day, again start increasing up to this number. -Document your intake simply guessing will lead to falling back into old habits, this will keep you accountable, more importantly it will help you learn about the foods you will be eating. -Ask for help from groups or others (like us at Benabolics) who understand this way of eating with direct support for any questions you need. -Give your body time to adapt, try a goal of 1 month to really see the difference in your overall health as the first week will be the hardest part, your body will want those highly refined foods.

A modern way of eating

Diabetes sufferers have used this way of eating to control blood sugar but do not wait until you have diabetes to change your eating as conscious choices you’re your food will prevent that happening you see blood sugar spikes occur when your blood sugar rises and then falls sharply after you eat, In the short term, they can cause lethargy and hunger. Over time, your body may not be able to lower blood sugar effectively, which leads to a lot of the health problems we see today so lowering carb intake is ideal in preventing and managing diabetes.

Try it yourself

We have yet to evolve from this modern way of eating, our body needs stressors put on it to live a healthy life, our old environment was a feast to famine lifestyle going longer periods without food hunting for it is what our bodies were designed to do but now we live in a feast to feast world with food delivered to your lap at the click of a button, oh it all sounds great but the reality is we overindulge so it is up to ourselves to be accountable for this using the energy we put in through exercise and lowering the crap we put in our bodies, go ahead if you are overweight and struggled with losing weight simply be accountable and cut out the unnecessary carbs. For more information and help on your mind, diet and weight loss journey (click here)

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