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The Importance of Including Fat in Your Diet: Consequences of Eliminating Fat Consumption Completely

Wait what, isn’t it because of my fat consumption the reason why I am not losing weight? This is partly correct, if you are consuming an extreme amount of fat, you will not be dropping weight anytime soon.

Harford Health & Fitness
Harford Health & Fitness

What Happens When You Eliminate Fat Consumption Completely?

When you start depriving your body of an essential nutrient such as fat you are cutting off what your body needs it for. Such as energy, protection of organs, support of cell growth and absorption of vital nutrients. These lead to a domino effect of negative side effects such as decreased hormone levels, especially testosterone, which can lead to decreased muscle mass, depression and decreased metabolic rate. All these factors playa vital role in your fitness journey

What are good Fats to Consume?

I am going to be giving a couple examples of healthy fatty foods that you should consume in your diet. Some good meat sources are fatty fish (Sardines, mackerel, trout), a single serving of these is counted as a healthy fatty meat. A couple other healthy fatty foods are your avocados, walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, and olives. All of these within moderation will be a perfect amount of fatty food to consume throughout a daily basis.

To conclude, the answer to cutting weight is not in cutting your fat consumption completely. All you will be doing is putting your body in danger and do the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. Make sure when looking at cutting down your calorie count make sure to keep in your healthy fatty foods as this will help bring you one step closer to reaching your goal.

Adam Harford from Harford Health & Fitness is a Nutritionist and currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition with up to date knowledge (click here) contact Adam directly on the link provided.

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