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Optimal Time for Protein Shake Consumption: Pre-Workout or Post-Workout?"

How often do you right after a workout race to your gym bag or vending machine and smash down a protein shake? I know when I first started training, I was one of those people that would panic if I didn’t get in my protein shake right after training. So when should you have your protein shake? Are you going to get results quicker? Are you going to get leaner or bigger quicker? Let’s dive into this.

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The Right Time?

Now I know everyone has their preference on when they have their protein shakes, and they stand by there choice. I have always been and always will be someone who now has a protein shake about 2-4 hours after training, why? There is this thing called an anabolic window, which is a period that is enhanced by protein synthesis that can last several hours post exercise. Every research that you look up will tell you that consuming your protein shake within an hour after you finish exercising will provide the best results, but I have noticed from my own experience that I have had better results and feel better when having my protein shake 2-4 hours after.

What gets Results Quicker?

What if I told you that either way gets you your results? Yes, I suggest that you have it several hours after training, the big picture to getting your desired results isn’t in I need protein before exercise or right after. The big picture is to look at your total protein intake over the whole day, if you are not hitting your required protein intake of course you are not going to see results or notice any difference because without that your muscles will not be able to repair and grow. If you want the results first thing is understanding how much protein you need to consume daily, otherwise whenever you have your protein shake will not make any difference.

To conclude, if you are aware of what your protein intake is to get your results the best time for you to consume your protein shake is within several hours after training. So, no you do not need to panic if you forgot your protein shake or powder at home, you don’t need to time how long it has been since you finished your workout. Enjoy the process the results will come, stay consistent with your nutrition and in line with your training you will see results.

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