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How to Choose the Right Gym for Your Fitness Goals: Tips and Advice

Updated: May 25, 2023

Remember choosing the right gym it vital for your success in accomplishing your mental and physical, health and fitness goals.

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Choosing the right gym can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be challenging to find a gym that fits your needs, preferences, and schedule. But with a little bit of research and some helpful tips, you can find a gym that helps you achieve your goals be that physical or mental health.

Remember also when looking for a new gym how the trainers and staff treat other members and how they interact with you and others can be a helpful insight as to what your future may look like in that gym.


The location of the gym is an essential factor to consider when choosing a gym. If the gym is out of the way, it can make it difficult for you to maintain a consistent workout routine. It's best to choose a gym that is conveniently located near your home or workplace. Not one human alive likes stop signs, street lights or traffic so, the less you have to pass through to get to a gym the better chance you have to achieve you goals

Think About Your Fitness Goals

When choosing a gym, think about your fitness goals. Will the gyms staff and trainers help you achieve you health and fitness goals be that mental or physical? Do the gyms staff even care about their members? Do you prefer attending classes, or do you prefer working out on your own? Different gyms offer different types of workout programs, so it's essential to choose a gym that has supportive staff, and trainers, that fits your preferences and fitness goals.

"Finding the right gym is like finding a partner. It takes time, effort, and compatibility to make it work." - Zak Menhennett


Make sure you can afford the weekly payments. You don't want to sign yourself into a yearly contract and then find out you can't afford to eat for the rest of the month! No one wants that, and canceling your membership can be costly so, check if the gym offers options for you to reduce that. If you know you're going away for a few months and won't be using the gym, look into whether they offer the ability to freeze your account. Most gyms will freeze your account for 4 weeks (often reducing the total to zero dollars), but worth checking first.

In-Person Signup

Sign up to a gym in person. Often when you actually sit with someone in a gym, they can offer you a free personal training sessions or a reduced price. There is no harm in asking. They may even be running a promo that you don't know about. It is also important to visit a gym prior to joining to see if the environment and culture feels right for you as a person.

Try The Gym During Your Usual Workout Time

Trying the gym during your usual workout time can give you an idea of how busy the gym is at that time. If the gym is too crowded, it can make it difficult for you to use the equipment or attend classes. On the other hand, if the gym is too empty, it can be demotivating. It's essential to choose a gym that has the right level of activity that works for you.

Choosing The Right Gym For You

Choosing the right gym is an important decision that can impact your fitness journey. It's essential to choose a gym that is conveniently located, offers the workout programs you need, and fits your schedule. By considering affordability, freezing your account when needed, signing up in person, taking advantage of free trials, and trying the gym during your usual workout time, you can find a gym that helps you achieve your fitness goals. We have found locally owned and operated gyms generally get the best feedback and highest ratings for customer care so remember to look outside the big names also. Growth Gyms is a great example and have more information available on their website:

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