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Gym Grows With Community Support

Updated: May 25, 2023

Growth Team

Growth Gyms' Zak Menhennett, Ben Crean, Adam Harford and Thomas Walters are looking forward to showcasing the new Avoca gym that boasts a wealth of services and plenty of space. Picture by: INGRID BARHAM.

By Angela Norval

Growth Gyms director Zak Menhennett has a simple philosophy of life. “I just try to do what I can to help others because we only get one life and we should make sure we help as many people as we can in that life.”

Not only successfully running his first gym at Burnett Heads and now opening a new one at Avoca is a testament to Zak’s own drive and determination and how far he has come.

“I have close to 15 years’ experience in business, however, more recently was when I really started investing in myself and my business education,” he said.

“After struggling for years not being able to read properly, I was self-taught to read at age 25 and from there is where I really jumped into and ran with becoming the best version of myself.

“I have invested a significant amount of time and money over the last eight years to improve my business and financial intelligence with some of the best business coaches in the world with the likes of Kerwin Rae, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone being some of the bigger names I have trained under.

“Personal training came about six years ago when I combined my passion for helping others with my love for the health industry after it helped me out of a once bad head space.

“I found this as a way I could give back and help other whilst doing something I love.”

Growth Gyms Burnett Heads was welcomed with open arms by the Burnett Heads community and with many residential and commercial developments planned for the future which will likely see the area double in size, Zak is excited for the future of the gym.

Opening the new gym in the Avoca/Bundaberg West region was about providing convenience for those wanting the gym without having to travel to the main parts of town with growing levels of traffic.

“To be able to open a second location in this beautiful ever-expanding town means the world to me.

“I aim to help 100,000 people in various areas of life, one being health and wellbeing.

“This allows me to reach more people and help more people in their recovery of mental and physical health issues, help people overcome addiction, help more veterans overcome PTSD, help more people with disabilities live a more normal and pain-free life.

“It also allows me to offer more services than I previously could expanding the services I can bring to the community.

“The new location is one that is on the way home for most people of the area and they can pop into the IGA next door and pick up dinner on their way home after training or even the sneaky arvo beverage from the Branyan bottle shop.”

Growth Gyms are a 24hr gym so members can get access 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year.

Growth Gyms has personal trainers who are all specialists in their fields.

Growth Gyms personal trainers are all dual qualified (or currently studying) specialities in their fields, from sports performance training for those looking to reach elite levels in a desired field or sport, to weight loss with one of their trainers losing over 50kgs with minimal to no sagging skin or stretch marks, weight gain for those underweight looking to put weight on, to mindset coaching, rehabilitation and disabilities specialist to help people live a more active and less painful life to get the most out of their time on earth.

Growth Gyms will also be doing one hour of power, which is one hour a day of minimal lighting and no music for people with disabilities or who may be noise or light sensitive so staff can ensure they are able to train in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe between the hours of 10am-11am Monday to Friday.

They will also have Coach of the Couch which is where people will be able to sit down and have a chat with someone to help them with mental health issues free of charge Monday to Friday.

Already known for welcoming helping community and sporting groups, at the Avoca location, Zak will be doing weekly raffles with money donated monthly to a local charity or non for profit local sports club selected by the members.

“I am here to help others reach their goals and dreams and I enjoy being able to see the look on someone’s face of pure excitement and happiness knowing that they are able to win a grand final with their local sporting club due to sponsorship, or raise money for a good cause due to local sponsorship.

“I feel now more than ever people need to start giving more than ever in the world we live in today and start seeing the beauty of helping and giving back to others.

“As Growth Gyms grows we will continue to give back to the community even more and down the track look at different pathway options as they become available to ensure that we can continue to give back to the community for many years to come and that one day my children continue to do the same by helping those in need.

“For anyone still sceptical of a gym or a little intimidated, like I was my first time come down and see us once we are open meet the team, try one of our industry first 30-day risk-free trials and find out if it is the place for you.”

You can contact Growth Gyms directly from their website:

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