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Food for Thought: Unravelling the Health Showdown - Vegetarian vs. Meat Eaters

Diet is a crucial aspect of our overall health and well-being. While so many people have this view of vegetarianism being the healthiest option, that could not be further from the truth. I have never felt as drained, tired, and mentally week from going vegetarian, I could not last the entire month. Why did my body feel like that? I was eating all the healthy foods that I was told to eat on this diet, I’m supposed to feel better, aren’t I? Let’s dive into more.

Why Being a Vegetarian is Dangerous?

How is being a vegetarian not the healthier option? Well first the biggest thing in any diet is providing your body with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so that your body can function. A major mineral is Iodine and well seafood is the best source for this vitamin this is excluded within the vegetarian diet, so straight away you can put yourself at risk of developing iodine deficiency. Our body needs this vitamin as it helps make thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland, this is essential in the body as that is responsible for our metabolism and is very essential for the development of our brain, nerves and bones.

Vitamin B12 this helps our bodies produce red cells, this is a vitamin that naturally occurs in animal products alone, being a vegetarian puts you at a high risk of deficiency. Having a B12 deficiency as a vegetarian is masked from the high levels of folate in their diet until serve B12 deficiency symptoms arise like neurological damage.

There is close to 2.5 million people in Australia that’s diet is vegetarian, and you want to know the percentage of those people have a vitamin deficiency. 23% that is over half a million people that are putting their own bodies at risk and they believe that getting rid of all meat out of their diet is going to be the magic ingredient to transforming their bodies.

To conclude, that very short time that I was attempting to be a vegetarian I was told that for my body to get the necessary nutrients that it needs I was to have a hand full of tablets every single day, but I have already had to spend years taking tablets to get the nutrients I need. Why? When you can get the same amount of nutrients by consuming naturally food and drinks like dairy products, white and red meat. Why? When you can avoid any deficiencies by having a stable and balanced diet through eating meat.

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